A paper titled “Work-in-Progress: Introducing Assume-Guarantee Contracts for Verifying Robotic Applications“, co-authored with Stefano Spellini, Sudipta Chattopadhyay and Franco Fummi has been accepted at the Work-in-Progress session of the International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis (CODES+ISSS) 2018. CODES+ISSS is one of the three major conferences organized within the ACM/IEEE Embedded Systems Week 2018 that will be held in Torino (Italy) from September 30 to October 5. It is the premier event in system-level design, modeling, analysis, and implementation of modern embedded and cyber-physical systems, from system-level specification and optimization down to system synthesis of multi-processor hardware/software implementations.

Congratulation to Stefano Spellini for his first paper accepted at a conference!